Biwako Conference Center

Biwako Conference Center is the accommodation including 7 dedicated conference rooms. It is located on the quiet shore of Lake Biwa, and commands beautiful mountain views far around. At the beautiful dusk, such a spacious place makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city and the time passing by.
Please spend a peaceful and relaxing time in our resort with conference facilities


Deluxe twin room

Japanese-style room

Special Room

3 Deluxe twin rooms

Western-style rooms with the bath and the toilet where you can comfortably relax.
Semi-double beds and baths with mist-sauna are popular.
The maximum number of people is 3. * When available for 3 people, the third bed is an extra one.

5 Japanese-style rooms

Calm Japanese-style rooms of 8 tatami-mats with the bath and the toilet.
The maximum number of people is 4. These are suitable for families and groups.

34 Standard Twin Bed Rooms

Cozy Western-style rooms with the toilet only. (Please use the large common bath)
Reasonable price is popular.

3 Single Bed Rooms 
Western-style rooms with Semi-double Beds, the bath and the toilet.

1 Special Room

One Connecting room composed with a Western-style room and a Japanese-style room, and with the bath and the toilet in each room. The room is luxury and suitable for a long-term stay. It is about 69 square meters



As we pursue fresh seasonal ingredients, the menu is arranged on the day-to-day purchases of them
Please enjoy Kaiseki cuisine used Japanese traditional fine technique. The price is valuable.

  • Kaiseki ‘Sazanami’    4,620 yen
  • kaiseki ‘Yunagi’      5,775 yen
  • Kaiseki ‘Seseragi’    6,930 yen
  • Kaiseki ‘Shirasagi’    9,240 yen

Western-style course

Full course dinner with fresh seasonal ingredients. The course has very popular dishes cooked carefully.

  • Western course ‘Flower Mail’    5,775 yen
  • Western course ‘ Lake Mail’    9,240 yen

Party plan (course)

Delicious cuisine will produce a happy meeting with people.
We are happy to arrange banquets according to your budget. Please feel free to contact us.
We accept a group of more than 20 people.

  • Party Plan (buffet)    5,775 yen per person

Omi beef menu

Please fully enjoy Omi beef which is a specialty of Shiga Prefecture.
While suppressing the price, we have carefully selected tasty meat of Omi beef.

  • ‘Sukiyaki’                  5,775 yen
  • ‘Shabushabu’                5,775 yen
  • ‘Omi beef Aburi Gozen’          5,200 yen
  • ‘Yokubari Omi beef Kaiseki’        4,620 yen

Buffet breakfast

A day begins with delicious breakfast, while enjoying shining Lake Biwa in the morning sun,
Please have hearty breakfast with fresh vegetables and fruits.
(Japanese dishes may be served for convenience)



Banquet Room, ‘Orchid ‘

“We would like you to enjoy your meal slowly”, so the hotel dining in the restaurant is requested fully to be reserved.

Evergreen (3F)

In Evergreen you feel warm in front of the fireplace. And the wide view of Lake Biwa and Mt. Ibuki is also an entertainment.

07:30 to 08:30, breakfast
12:00 to 13:00, lunch
18:00 to 20:00, dinner
94 seats

Banquet Room: ’Kaede ’and ‘Shin-Kaede ‘ (3F)

Please enjoy your banquet in the wide tatami-mat room ‘Kaede’.
An 8-tatami-mat banquet room ‘Shin-Kaede’ is also available.
30 seats in ‘Kaede’ and 8 seats in ‘Shin-Kaede’

Banquet Room, ‘Orchid ‘ (3F)

Please spend a happy time with your friends in ‘Orchid’.
Please reserve and use the whole room.
20 seats




Tennis Courts

Lobby (1F)

Lobby is just near the entrance and faces the courtyard lighted brightly. ♪ you can also enjoy billiards

Baths (1F, 2F)

Please relax yourself in the large common bath ♪ Sauna is available.
You will feel like in the hot spa, in the soft water bath ♪
Open: 6:00 to 9:00 and 15:00 to 24:00

Tennis Courts (outdoor)

There are two omni-courts ( courts of artificial turf )

Biwako Conference Center

2-1-1, Shingaihama, Hikone, Shiga, 521-1136, Japan