Hikone Castle Resort and Spa

Hikone Castle Resort and Spa, located on the Iroha-matsu pine tree-lined road, is a luxurious place with a panoramic view of the elegant and majestic tower and turrets of the castle, a national treasure. We offer you our hospitality with the elegance created by the warmth and flavor of the castle town.  As Hikone Castle Resort and Spa is so close to Hikone Castle, it is the best place to view the main tower of the castle.

Restaurant “Japanese Restaurant -Kissho-“

We have “Japanese Restaurant-Kissho-”on the first floor. Japanese cuisine is showed the history and culture of Hikone with carefully selected ingredients from all over the country on a dish by our master chef.  It will be the perfect match to you who want to enjoy a traditional cuisine.

  • Breakfast - 07:00 am to 09:00 am (Last order 09:00 am)
  • Lunch - 11:30 to 14:00 (Last order 14:00)
  • Dinner - 17:30 to 20:30 (Last order 20:30)

We are open every day.

Special Room

Japanese Restaurant -Kissho-

Recommended dinner - Hikone Tairo Gozen, with Omi beef Shabushabu (Sliced beef dipped in boiling stock).

Twin Bedroom

Nice view of Hikone Castle from your room.
Enjoy seeing the lighting-up of the main tower at night.
Adorable front room with a huge panoramic view.

Guest Rooms

  • Room size: 22.6〜24.2m2 (243 sq.ft or about 13.7〜14.6 tatami mats)
  • Bed size: 200cm x 113 cm (spacious and comfortable size)
  • Dube type bed-cover: soft down quilt

Guest Room Amenities

  • High-speed Internet access
  • Thin-screen LCD TV
    digital terrestrial broadcast
    movie channel(Pay TV)
  • Spacious prefabricated bath
  • Washlet toilet
  • Trouser press (rental)
  • No-smoking rooms are available on request

Japanese-style Guest Room

Japanese-style room is the best for a people to enjoy the real Japanese culture.
This is a special room only one / each day.

Guest Rooms

  • Room size: 8 tatami mats + 6 tatami mats
  • Futon mat size: wide 121 x long 200cm / Put futon mats in the room
  • Capacity of the room is a maximum of 6 people.

Guest room Amenities

  • Thin-screen LCD TV
  • digital terrestrial broadcast
  • movie channel(Pay TV)
  • Spacious prefabricated bath
  • Washlet toilet

Basic Service Information

  • Check in 12:00
  • Check out 11:00
  • Free courtesy car is available just for one person from JR Hikone Station.
  • Transportation service – Free courtesy car at Hikone JR station, 9:00 to 21:00
    (Appointment necessary beforehand)
  • Parking Lot- Customers parking lot for 60 cars available.
  • Parking for four sightseeing motor coaches is available.
  • Access:
    - Ten-minute walk from Hikone JR Station.
    - Ten-minute drive from Meishin Expressway Hikone I.C.
    - Ten-minute walk to Hikone Castle.
    - Ten-minute walk to “Castle Road”.

Hikone Castle Resort and Spa

1-8 Sawa-cho, Hikone-shi, Shiga, 522-0075, Japan
Phone: +81-(0)749-21-2001