Shingon-shu Daishi-ji Temple

A small temple but is worth visiting first when you come to Hikone.
The small temple is located just 5 minute walk from JR Hikone Station and is called “Kobo-san in front of the station” by everyone in and around Hikone.
Daishiji is famous as the only one temple in Japan that enshrines the Sleeping Kobo. In his head of it “Oshari-san (part of Buddha’s bones)” is kept, which was subdivided from those of Toji temple in Kyoto.  Make a wish while chanting the sutra,“ Namu Daishi Henjo Kongo - - “, and pat on the head and body of the Sleeping Kobo. Your wish will come true, they say.
(Kobo Daishi is a Saint of Buddhism and is called Kobo or Daishi in short.)

In addition, the temple has “Seven Fortune Gods in one place at Hikone” in its precincts, and at each front of Seven Fortune Gods, the stone pavement containing the sand collected from Shikoku Eighty-eight Temples is laid. So it is believed that stepping those pavements is as propitious as making a pilgrimage on Shikoku Eighty-eight Temples.

We accept at any time the reservation of Daihannya prayers for the achievement of your wishes. Why don’t you receive the prayer of Daihannya-kyo for fortune improvement, traffic safety, good health and so on?

In Daishiji temple precincts

Outlook of Daishiji Temple

Water Basin

Main Hall

Buddha’s of Daishi Temple

Sleeping Kobo


Fudo Myo-Oh

Jizo Bosatsu

Seven Fortune Gods

Light of poor women

Daishi Temple website is also accessible by mobile phones. From any of docomo, au and Softbank you can reach us through the same URL.

Shingon-shu Daishi-ji Temple

7-19 Sawa-cho, Hikone, Shiga, 522-0075, Japan
Phone: +81-(0)749-22-7304