Itojyu Confectionery

Itojyu used to be the courtesy confectionery of Ii family, the lords of Hikone. It was originally a thread wholesaler, which was founded in 1809. It is said that Masu, the wife of the founder Itoya Jyubei, received an oracle and was given the recipes for cake from an old man with a white beard in har dream. And Jyubei changed his business from threads dealing to confectionery.
An old document tells that Ii Naosuke, the 13th lord and the prime minister of Tokugawa Shogunate administration in mid-19th century, liked Ekijutou, the cake made by Itojyu, and presented it to his devoted subordinates.
The most famous cake of our shop is Umoregi, which means fossil woods or bog woods. It was named after the name of the house where Naosuke used to live in his young days.
We prepare various kinds of traditional handmade sweets with seasonal tastes and flavours.

The homemade bean paste

The first stage of making Japanese sweets is making bean paste. We make it with plenty of time and labour from the highest quality adzuki beans and other kinds of beans produced in Hokkaido.

Umoregi, fossil woods

It is the representative sweets of Hikone, the castle town with the long history. It has been loved for long years not only by the people of Hikone but also the tourists and the people living far from here.
The steamed rice powder is mixed with the homemade bean paste and covered with the mixture of powdered green tea and Japanese sugar. It has been reported in some magazines and TV programs.

One package of 6 pieces: 840 yen
It keeps for about a week.

Yanagi-no-shizuku, drops from a willow

Ii Naosuke loved willow trees because of their gentle figures and the strong nature. The shape of the cake is according to his drawing of willow leaves. The flavour of butter and the mild taste of homemade bean paste make a good combination in it. It goes very well with English tea, Japanese tea and coffee.

One package of 5 pieces: 756 yen
It keeps for about a week.

Awa-no-umi, Lake Biwa

The cake is double layered and looks attractive. The upper white layer indicates rippling waves on the surface of Lake Biwa and the lower layer looks like lake water. It is made of adzuki bean paste and you can enjoy its good taste of moderate sweet. 

One package: 945 yen
It keeps for about 10 days.

Wakon, semi-Western styled cake

It is unbaked cheese cake mixed with cooked sweet whole adzuki beans. The Japanese taste of the highest quality beans and the Western taste of the rich cream cheese make good harmony in it. Making the sweet beans takes four days. It is popular among both young and senior, and both ladies and gentlemen. It is also good for presents.

One package: 1050 yen
It keeps for about 10 days in freezers.

Kinkame Sake Cake

The sponge cake contains sake of special traditional brand, Kinkame, made by Okamoto Sake Brewery near Hikone. Kinkame or Konki, golden turtle, is the nickname of Hikone Castle.
You can enjoy the rich flavour and the charming taste of sake harmonized in the sponge cake. 

One piece: 200 yen
It keeps for about 10 days in refrigerators.

Itojyu Confectionery

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