Kanponoyado Hikone

Time passes slowly at a lakeside hotel, Kanponoyado Hikone.
Hikone has been a castle town since the period of Lord Ii for over 400 years. Its landmark is the picturesque Hikone Castle standing on a hill. Drive just 10 minutes from the castle toward the lake and you will find us, an L-shaped white building on the shore of the immense blue water; Lake Biwa.
The longer side of the L-shaped building faces the lake, so that every guest room directly overlooks the lake. From the corridor window, guests can enjoy the view of Hikone Castle.
On the top floor is a hot spring public bath, which commands a great view of Lake Biwa. No other hotel in Hikone offers natural hot spring bath. There is also a fragrant herbal bath. The herbs come from Mt. Ibuki, the highest mountain in Shiga. Mt. Ibuki has been famous for medicinal plants since ancient times.
On the first floor, there is a family bath with an open-air bathtub. Families can feel perfectly at home. Reservation required.

Rooms and Facilities


Enjoy Kyoto-style full-course dinner at the restaurant, watching a spectacular sunset view on Lake Biwa. Our chef, trained in Kyoto, proudly applies all his skill in making Kyoto-style dishes. We have received favorable comments from a lot of guests. Starting from the winter season of 2010, he will present special dinner inspired by Princess Go, the heroine in the NHK’s annual Sunday historical drama series for 2011.

Kanponoyado Hikone

3759 Matsubara-cho, Hikone, Shiga, 522-0002, Japan
Phone: +81-(0)749-22-8090