Kiyotaki Ryokan

Kiyotaki Ryokan (Inn) is an inn located in Hikone, Shiga.
The hotel has a homely atmosphere for its guests and we greet them saying, “Welcome home” We try to entertain them as much as possible, because we consider the inn as their home while they are with us.
 Please feel free to contact us through the iformation above.

Hotel photos

WiFi equipped,  complete bidet


Owner and chef: Nakamizo Masashi

Kiyotaki Ryokan keeps a warm family atmosphere, and serves those dishes that customers look forward to every day.
 Originally Japanese dishes were the main, but we arrange our dishes flexibly to include Chinese, Western, French and Italian dishes according to the age of the customers, the weather and the temperature of the day to satisfy everybody.
We serve very, very homely delicious cuisines to energize our guests till the next day. 

The chef trained cooking mainly in Osaka from the age of twenty at the following places:

  • Kappo Shin Asakusa (Sennichimae, Osaka)

  • Toba Seaside Hotel (Toba, Mie Prefecture)
  • Takoume (Shinsaibashi, Osaka)

  • Yurika (Sonezakishinchi, Osaka)

  • Taizushi (Abeno, Osaka) , and so on.

Kiyotaki Ryokan

2-7-10 Kawahara, Hikone, Shiga, 522-0083, Japan
Phone: +81-(0)749-22-0071

Open: 6:30 to 23:00 / Irregular