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Hikone Volunteer Tour Guides Association
C/0 Hikone City Tourist Bureau
JR Hikone Station, Furusawa-cho, Hikone
Withinin Japan:TEL (0749) 22-2954/FAX (0749)24-7498

Outside Japan:TEL+81-749-22-2954/FAX +81-749-24-7498
E-mail: i-hikone@hikoneshi.com

Volunteer Tour Guides Available in English
(\1,000 per group)
Hikone Castle & The Castle Town


A: Hikone Castle & Genkyu-en Garden (entrance fees - \600)
 2 hours; 2 1/2 hours with Tea Ceremony
 Genkyu-en Garden has a teahouse where you can experience Japanese  Tea Ceremony (\500)

B: A course + Hikone Castle Museum (entrance fees - \1,000)
 2 1/2 hours

C: Castle Town
  (including Yumekyobashi Castle Road; Samurai Residences; Souvenir  Shops)
 2 1/2 hours

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Hikone Castle Main Gate  


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